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What are CBD/Hemp Edibles?

Hemp Edibles (also known as CBD Edibles) are a food item containing hemp oil extract high in CBD. This is combined with the food item to give it the CBD dosage. Typically edibles will contain between 10mg - 100mg of CBD depending on the product and quality. At Graded Green, we only sell high quality edibles which are made from high quality CBD Oil made in California.

Are they safe and legal?

All the edibles you find on Graded Green are THC free which makes them fully legal here in the UK and rest of Europe. They are manufactured by our industry supplier in the UK and they have a five-star hygiene rating along with all the licences to manufacture food for sale in Europe and the USA. It is impossible to overdose on CBD and therefore they are completely safe. We wouldn't recommend giving CBD Edibles to children. 

Why would I use them?

We see a lot of our customers using our edibles for a variety of different reasons, from back pain, treating anxiety, to help them sleep at night. Edibles are perfect way to dose your CBD as they contain the exact amount of CBD advertised and they taste delicious!

Step 1

Read the instructions on your edible product and ensure you're taking the right dose

Step 2

Ensure the packaging hasn't been opened before consuming your edible

Step 3

Open packaging yourself, consume the required amount and wait 30 minutes for the effects

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