Where can you buy hemp flower from?

Buying hemp flower in the UK

Lisa Hughes

Graded Green Customer Experience Manager

Buying hemp flower (commonly known as "CBD flower") is definitely not a new thing in the UK or Europe for that matter. Hemp flower has been sold for many, many years from a number of different companies. Some common questions we are asked is where does hemp flower come from? & Where can you buy hemp flower? I'll walk you through some of these questions in this article and hopefully better your understanding!

Hemp flower can be grown indoors or outdoors

Hemp flower for the most part is grown by huge commercial hemp flower wholesalers in countries such as Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the USA. Hemp flower can be grown in the UK however the laws are strict and so many growers choose the countries listed above.

Most growing operations will be done outdoors as this is the most economical way for many growers. This ultimately can lead to pollination of flowers which leads to seeds in the bud as conditions cannot be strictly controlled like they can with an indoor grow.

Indoor, Greenhouse, and outdoor. There's a big difference with the three. Hemp flowers grown indoor are grown under strict conditions which allows for denser buds which are free from chemicals and pesticides. Indoor hemp flower is sold by most retailers including Graded Green. Indoor hemp flowers will not likely be seeded as female and male plants are separated during the initial growing process. Greenhouse hemp flowers is the middle-ground between indoor and outdoor hemp flowers as conditions can still be monitored but pollination and pesticides are still widely used.

Indoor grown hemp is the best, but it's also the most expensive

Hemp flower grown indoors will always come at a premium. This is because of a multitude of different factors ranging from electricity bills, additional experienced growers and time required to grow. An indoor grow will never yield as much workable material than an outdoor grow due to the scale of both operations. An outdoor hemp flower grow will be across acres of farm land whereas an indoor grow will be in a confined space and so therefore the yield at the end of the grow is limited.

Indoor grown hemp flower is better as it has much more attention during the growing process. Nutrients can be carefully added and monitored to ensure healthy and dense buds, the use of pesticides is virtually zero and the flowers can all be properly flushed of any grow material which leads to a better product overall to the customer.

When you buy hemp flower it's important you pick the strain that's right for you. Graded Green offer multiple strains grown indoor and outdoor which suits all budgets. Don't buy hemp flower simply because it's cheap, as the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice! 

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