We remain open for business

We would like to thank all our customers and staff for their continued support throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.
We have always had strict hygiene measures in-place prior to the global virus pandemic. This includes our bud tenders wearing disposable gloves, face masks and hair nets. All order packaging has always been sterilised prior to shipping and no orders come into contact with the outside atmosphere when it leaves our fulfilment chambers. 
All our customer support team are now working from home on the same 24/7 roster. This means we aim to respond to all customer enquiries within our 30 minute timeframe regardless of the time or day. Our bud tenders now work solo in their allocated fulfilment chambers.
Many of our customers have come to expect fast delivery of their orders. We dispatch orders everyday and we are still see many customers receiving their orders within a day or two. As always, we guarantee your order to arrive or a refund.
In short, we are open for business.
Thank you, and stay safe!

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