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Comet landing

I'd thought I'd try these out and see if they live up to the hype.

Dense nugs (blue dream) covered in a crumble like mix. Not the most attractive looking thing. Put a few shards in my vape mixed with a little Bruce Banner CBD. Complex flavour, sweet and spicey notes that linger on lips and tongue. Produced a lot of vape, much more than normal flower, makes for quite a sensual and indulgent experience. Been vaping for ten minutes now and it's still going strong. No immediate effect but a more gradual slow wave, deep and steady, reflective, chilled, slightly dreamy. This is definitely a good way to enhance normal CBD or the other sort of flower. Vibes.

Impressed by next day delivery as well, great work guys.

A really great level of shatter not seen before

Wow I am so impressed by this shatter and the entire shatter range in general. GG have really hit a home run with this one, the terpenes on it are just simply STUNNING!

The strongest CBD out there

In terms of a CBD product this is really strong. Spine shivering strong in fact! I would only recommend this if no other cbd works for you.

I have told all my friends about this

Like many who have watched the Jeff Kravitz podcast I bought this mix following it. For a "legal" product you can buy on the internet it really does have the strongest effects I've experienced coming from a CBD product. There's nothing like this in the US.

Just greattt!

Just like buying whole bud.

Next level effects

Really does work. Having tried so many different CBD oils from different companies claiming X Y Z I had given up until I gave the 1000mg a go from graded green. Noticed effects and so moved up to this 3000mg. Just great!

Can be used in vape cartridges

You can fill up your vape carts with this, pro tip!! The effects are stunning and you get more than the 5ml advertised. Other places selling 1ml of this stuff for fifty pound! Great bargain and effects are top level!

10/10 speedy delivery and quality is spot on I highly recommend this product.

Really good stuff

Really good for your bong

30ml 3000MG CBD Oil
Sarah Drew
Life changing!

This oil has really saved my life! I've been put on all sort of medication following my hip op in 2020 and medication given to me has always caused side effects. Since taking the oil after a week I have been really pain free and I'm starting to live life again!

30ml 3000MG CBD Oil
Junior N'gonman
try it in coffee

i put a few drops in my coffee each morning and i have noticed a huge difference in just myself

Buy for my nan

I used to buy here the oil from boots but she said it sat on her stomach. She really like this one though and said it has helped her get sleep.

It is amazing

Jeff Kravitz podcast sent me here. Great effects and terps. Will buy again. Delivery time to Miami was 5 days.

Top top effects

I bought this follow Dr Mark's podcast and I'm so surprised. As an American (or yank as your brits like to call us :P) I was surprised that this was made in England UK. The effects on this was really great, just bong it up and away you go. 5ML of this extract is really good value for money and I've not seen anything like it here state side.


Prodotto incredibile di ottima qualità grazie

Lemon Zkittlez CBD Shatter
Husain Mohammed

having tried other shatter this is just incredible stuff. fast delivery too to an expat living in spain!

As someone who has struggled with depression

This CBD oil is far superior than any other CBD oil I have ever tried. The price saving on this is just incredible and I'm so thankful to graded green.

Fast delivery

Surprised how quick I received this banana shatter and a few others to the states. I have left a review on youtube and look forward to trying more. The banana was excellent and the sour diesel smells like weed. Crazy!

banana smell

great i must say the terpenes in this thing are next level it really does smell and taste like banana. fresh as can be too. this and mango are the best so far.

Top merch

Lovely scent on this one!


1st this is CBD flower with no stems or twigs so you are saving money as the 3g weight is not going to be branches weighing it down! It's all workable material so just throw it in your grinder and grind it up.

It is what it is

I'm pleasantly surprised, fluffy bud with no sticks. Very good value for money I'm well impressed :)


Smells just like the sweet candy banana you get, absolutely incredible shatter!!!

Money well spent

Cheaper than buying whole bud. 7 grams for £15 is bargain and lasts you a whole week.


It comes in a 7 gram bag which you can seal back up. Some other herbal mixes you can't really smoke on there own but with this one I've had no problems. It's best to mix in with your weed to make it go further but it's a good substitute if you run out and are desperate lol. I bought a full case today and look forward to making this my new mix.