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Great value for money

Great value for money, the premium flowers are on the high scale prize wise but they definitely justify their price since the quality is so good.

Sampled in the 3 for 35

Got this in the three for 35 pack, for me it's one of the nicest buds out of skittles/lemon.

Fixes my arthritis pain

I suffer from bad arthritis in my hands and a roll of this really helps with the pain. I smoke the skittles during the day and the gorilla glue during the night. The service I've received from graded green has always been exceptional. They reply to my emails at whatever time in the morning and delivery is really fast.

Expensive but worth it

Quite expensive but it's worth the price. This bud isn't dry, it's very compact and smells really nice. Shame it's hemp flower and not the legit stuff haha.

Hazes are just the best

I think hazes are just the best in general (cbd or non cbd) but this lemon haze is so nice and smells so citrusy. It's my favourite bud.

Relaxing flower, dense and smells nice

I use this for my back pain. It relaxes me so much.

Value for money

As an OAP (although I consider myself young) I have to be careful with my money. I buy hemp flower to infuse it with my butter. This mix trimming is really good value for my money and I buy regularly from graded green. Jamie on the customer service is such a sweetheart.

Zkittles and Gelato😋

This is really good value for money for gradeds premium range of buds. Nice smells and nice relaxing feeling.

First time trying and it blew my mind

Firstly I want to say that this flower smells totally amazing! It smells so much like candy it fits its name so well. I felt more relaxed after vaporising it.

The best flower out there

Nothing comes close to this flower. It's so fresh, not like that dry crap you find elsewhere and it smells AMAZING.

Excellent bud alround

I'm only going to be buying from Graded Green from now on. I've had so much bad experience elsewhere, graded green are just amazing.

My favourite flower

Birthday Cake flower is the best bud for sale on this site. I've honestly bought every flower (graded green can confirm this) and birthday cake has the biggest buds.

Good bud, but not my favourite

Nothing wrong with the bud, just too strong for me, I'll stick with birthday cake from now on.

Gorilla Glue 24.2% CBD (<0.18% THC)

Pas mal du tout, j'achèterai encore

Wish I found out about this sooner

I wish I found out about CBD sooner, this has really helped me kick the real stuff and I'm saving money!

Nice buds but too strong

This flower really relaxed me, a bit too much for my liking!

Vanilla smells

Smells just like birthday cake

Gorilla Glue 24.2% CBD (<0.18% THC)

So everyone has already mentioned how quick orders are dispatched but this gorilla glue is something else. Definitely a unique strain and something I've never tried before. I will be telling my friends about this site.

Good value

Good value for what you're paying. All good and workable material which you can build into joints.

Love the packaging

Graded green are by far the best bud sellers out there right now. Free delivery that arrives the next day and the buds are always of a decent size.

This is just something else

First time I've bought anything like this online. Didn't actually believe such things existed so I just purchased a gram to see if it was legit. The gram arrived the next day and I was surprised with how effective cbd actually is. It definitely took away, or at the very least mellowed my knee pain out. I'll be ordering again.

Birthday Cake is absolutely brilliant

See my video review

Really quick delivery

Got my bud delivered the next day and for free of charge so you can't go wrong with graded. Considering every other bud site will charge you postage I think graded are the cheapest per gram currently on the market.

Birthday cake has the biggest buds

Birthday cake has the biggest buds and is so fresh😉

Heavy buds

These buds are HUGE I ordered 7 grams and received some big buds. Wish I could leave pictures.