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Fast delivery

Surprised how quick I received this banana shatter and a few others to the states. I have left a review on youtube and look forward to trying more. The banana was excellent and the sour diesel smells like weed. Crazy!

banana smell

great i must say the terpenes in this thing are next level it really does smell and taste like banana. fresh as can be too. this and mango are the best so far.

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Lovely scent on this one!


1st this is CBD flower with no stems or twigs so you are saving money as the 3g weight is not going to be branches weighing it down! It's all workable material so just throw it in your grinder and grind it up.

It is what it is

I'm pleasantly surprised, fluffy bud with no sticks. Very good value for money I'm well impressed :)


Smells just like the sweet candy banana you get, absolutely incredible shatter!!!

Money well spent

Cheaper than buying whole bud. 7 grams for £15 is bargain and lasts you a whole week.


It comes in a 7 gram bag which you can seal back up. Some other herbal mixes you can't really smoke on there own but with this one I've had no problems. It's best to mix in with your weed to make it go further but it's a good substitute if you run out and are desperate lol. I bought a full case today and look forward to making this my new mix.

Better than the last one

It's a cheaper and much better alternative than buying cbd whole buds if you're just mixing in with weed. It's a pleasant smoke and you get the effects of the CBD. Great value for money.


Simply just leaf trimmings and bud fragments.. Great for mixing in with my buds! Thanx Graded


Can wait to roll a banging cup of tea 😜🤌🏻


50mg per sweet is a really good dose for me I have 1/2 a day. They don't have that overpowered hemp taste some similar gummies have. Will buy again

If you can’t sleep but don’t want to break the law

What I needed to finally be able to sleep and relax!!! Will buy again and please never stop supplying tihis!!!

Absolutely perfect!

First time buyer

Absolutely love this place, the herb's are amazing and help's to ease my pain and i can relax more, especially with being a chronic pain sufferer.

No more rolling joints

Great device that makes your bud last longer. Just grind your bud up and scoop it in this, light and then enjoy. Don't throw the "ash" away, it's actually called AVB which you should save, you can then infuse this into butter to make cookies, brownies and whatever else!

Great in your joint

This will make your bud last longer. I use 50/50 split between bud and this mix and it's such a nicer smoke. Better than using tobacco in my opinion. Good value for money and cool little bag that it comes in 👍

Cali sherbert

This is some beautiful weed. Generous green and orange nugs and dank yumminess. Grassy, piney odour. In the vape is has a creamy texture, not overly sweet but certainly yummy. Effects felt behind the eyes, shoulders and back of the neck. This is delicious bud on all levels. Big ups.

Red pill

Very strong, its wonderful.

Orange County CBD Broad Spectrum E Liquid 2500mg 50ml Cali Range Girl Scout Cookies
Smells like the real deal

Tried a few of these now as GG offer these 15% cheaper than most retailers then I grab an extra 10% off with the weekly discount codes on the top banner. They're great broad spectrum vapes but the reason I am reviewing this is because it absolutely stinks of "the real deal" if u know what I mean! Big up Orange County for quality products and Big up Graded Green my Go-To for all things CBD! Top service, would recommend!

CBDFx Gelato CBD Terpene Pen 50mg
Nice little stick

I enjoyed this vape stick. It doesn't produce much vapour but helps with staying low key on the move. Felt effects pretty immediately and experienced good focus. Bought all of them with my 10% discount so review the rest in due course. CBDfx terpene vape pens are pretty cool



CBDfx Pineapple Express CBD Terpene Pen 50MG
Great relaxation on the move!

Great subtle taste and packs a punch for a 50mg pen. Looks great, tastes great!

The Incredible Hulk

For those of you who are too young to remember, Bruce Banner was the original Incredible Hulk and I recognised the name straight away. The bud couldn't be any better if they had named it the Mike Tyson. Knocks you out for the night and/or day without any of the fuzzy headed feeling no one admits to getting from THC, lol. So there are no undesirable after effects like lethargy although it does make you sleepy enough to last through the night and get through the day if you are unemployed like me. Nice not to have to worry about the police since it has no THC and is therefore a totally legal smoke. Not even the neighbours can complain or the landlord, because it's not illegal. A very nice smoke and exceptionally high quality. If the best is what you are after then try the modestly named Bruce Banner... You will not be disappointed.

This PAX a proper punch!

I contacted the guys via live chat for some assistance as my last vaporiser had broken. I get my cbd buds from Graded but I was a bit taken back at the price of the PAX. After speaking with Shaun he told me that he had a Pax3 and he felt it was worth the higher price so I gave it a go. Now I must say, this thing is very easy to use with just one button control. It has super fast heat up times, literally heats up in seconds! It produces huge clouds of vapor and as long as it is regularly cleaned the flavours from this thing is next level. Now a few weeks on from buying it, I can see why it is priced over £200. It doesn't destroy your ground buds in oven compartment and has actually saved me money in the long run as I have halved my weekly consumption by using this device. So thanks for the advice Shaun its really worked out for us! Even if you do spell your name wrong matey!! Take care guys, Big Sean! Big Love!

CBDfx Sour Diesel CBD Terpene Pen 50mg
Get way to get started with cbd

First off a massive thank you tho the guys over at @gradedgreen for sending this over for Reviewing it's always appreciated and very humbling that they always ask me to review there products they stick

Manufacturer: cbdfx
Strength: 50mg

***Packing and appearance***
So the packing in this is pretty cool. Alot has gone in to it by cbdfx. The eye catching packing is great in my opinion.
The pen itself is like one of the first disposable ecig design no buttons no chargers just take a puff an away you go being draw activated. It's a simple design that produces a nice amount of vapour to give the user a smoking effect but being only VG and natural terps it does not have all the nasty's of smoking.

So being 50mg CBD I was not expecting to much of a hit from this, but it is quite punchy for 50mg. I've prob had 10 pulls on it and it's not to bad for what itis. It's a great little way of starting off with cbd and building up to dabbing or vaping on bigger mods.
I must has my eyes do feel a little heavy, my kind it a little more chilled out and feeling clear headed is always a plus for me.

So this being a sour diesel I can say this is a sort of soft taste not a full representative of what you'd expect it to taste like due to the strain. But it is not a flavour at all just the device itself is not a real flavoursome like all devices like this ecig pen style of vape. Over all its a ok flavour and can get away with vaping this anywhere as it just smells like a ecig an not like you vaping on a bag of flowers

***Over all rating***
So overall I'm giving this 7/10
Flavour 5/10
Device ease of use 10/10
Effects 8/10
A great little pocket pen to get your fix when out and about or if you are just starting off and don't want to go all out on a big vape mod. So if your new to vaping and cbd this could be the way for you to get started