CBD Oil Bundle

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Elevate your wellness routine with our CBD Oil Drops Bundle, featuring three distinct flavors tailored to different times of the day. Choose from three strengths—1000mg, 3000mg, or 6000mg—each providing a versatile approach to CBD supplementation. Every bundle includes three 30ml bottles of premium CBD oil, ensuring you have the perfect oil for morning, day, and night.

Flavors included:

  • Citrus Sativa: Start your day with an uplifting and energizing morning CBD oil. This citrus-infused formula is designed to boost your mood and keep you motivated throughout the day.
  • Herbal Hybrid: Enjoy the anytime mood-lifting benefits of this sweet herbal blend. Perfect for maintaining balance and positivity, it's your go-to oil for a mid-day boost.
  • Indica Berries: Wind down in the evening with our soothing and relaxing night-time oil. The berry-flavored Indica blend helps promote restful sleep and relaxation.

Benefits of Using CBD Oil:

CBD oil is a versatile and effective supplement that offers numerous benefits:

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief: CBD oil is known for its calming properties, helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels, making it easier to manage daily challenges.
  • Pain Management: It can provide natural relief from chronic pain and inflammation, offering an alternative to traditional pain relief methods.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Many users report better sleep patterns and reduced insomnia, thanks to the relaxing effects of CBD.
  • Enhanced Mood: Regular use can lead to improved overall mood and emotional well-being.
  • Convenient and Customizable Dosing: With three strength options, you can easily customize your CBD intake to suit your personal needs and preferences.

Our CBD Oil Drops Bundle is perfect for those who want a comprehensive, full-day CBD experience. Whether you need an energizing start, a balanced mid-day lift, or a relaxing end to your day, this bundle provides a tailored solution for every part of your daily routine. Enjoy the benefits of high-quality CBD oil in delicious and functional flavors, designed to support your wellness journey.

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