Where to buy CBD Flower? The UK's 2021 Guide!

CBD Flower has become more and more popular over the past two years. The rise has come thanks to the amazing effects the CBD Flower has, and how easy it is to consume. We have come up with a guide on where to buy CBD Flower in the UK, and answer some questions that are commonly asked!

Where can you buy CBD Flower in the UK?

You can buy CBD Flower from Graded Green CBD. Graded Green CBD is the UK's largest online superstore selling a whole range of CBD products. Their reputation for being the best can be dated back to 2019 when they launched. You can visit them by going to GradedGreen.com

How much does CBD Flower cost in the UK?

CBD Flower should typically cost between £6-10 per gram. Anything more and you're being ripped off!

Where does CBD Flower you can find in the UK come from?

CBD Flower comes from regions inside Europe. The largest producers of CBD Flower are Switzerland, Austria and Italy. There are a few farm 2 door operations in Spain, however in Spain most flowers are grown outdoor and the quality is not the best.

Is CBD Flower legal in the UK?

CBD Flower is LEGAL, providing it's sold as a CBD product. Some websites claim CBD Flower is illegal, which is wrong and deliberately misleading. CBD Flower is the best way to consume CBD and feel the best effects, this cannot be disputed factually by companies selling other CBD products and so they simply spread misinformation. To keep it short, there is no UK law prohibiting the sale of CBD Flower nor any official government or police guidance. If CBD Flower was illegal that would make every other CBD product on the UK market illegal too.

Can I fail a drugs test by using CBD Flower?

You can fail a drugs test by consuming any form of CBD. CBD is a cannabis based product and will have small traces of controlled cannabinoids. These controlled cannabinoids may show up in testing for use of cannabis. Do not use any form of CBD if you are being tested for cannabis use.

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