Reviewing the Graded Green Extract Starter Kit in 2021

Have you been looking to get into vaping CBD extracts but just don't know how to? Or is the variety of products just too overwhelming and it has put you off? Well read no more! We have created the perfect bundle to elevate the stress!

What is a CBD extract? Not strictly speaking, a CBD extract is anything from a shatter to a crumble. The majority of CBD shatter is made using pure CBD isolate with added terpenes. In short, terpenes are flavourings derived from plants. For crumble (also known as wax) this is a full spectrum CBD distillate with terpenes. It made in a way to form a crumble like structure, perfect for vaping or dabbing.

Why do people use CBD extracts you may ask. Well there's a whole list of reasons. The biggest being the effects can be more noticeable since you are consuming much larger doses of CBD. For example, just a tiny amount of CBD shatter (less than 0.1 gram) will contain around 100mg of CBD. That's far more potent than anything else on the market. So you may be beginning to see why people actually prefer concentrates over other forms of CBD.

Vaping your extract can be done using a special tool, such as the Dynavap with the added Dynacoil. This is specifically designed for concentrates. A small amount of concentrate is placed on the coil and then heated using a lighter, like so.

The great thing about the Dynavap is that it's so versatile. You don't only have to vape concentrates, you can also vape herb too. Simply pop back out the Dynacoil and then add the herb to the chamber.

At Graded Green we want to make it easy for our customers to discover the power of CBD extracts and so that's why we have developed the perfect bundle. It comes with literally everything you need to get started!

  • Dynavap (2021 Device)
  • Dynacoil
  • Torch Lighter
  • 1 Gram of shatter

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