What is CBD Crumble? 5 Ways to Use CBD Crumble! Everything you need to know to use CBD Crumble 2021

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Knowing your CBD concentrates is an important part of your CBD lifestyle journey. On the surface, CBD concentrates can be overwhelming and confusing. This can deter newbies from jumping onboard! It would be fair to say that despite the ever growing 6 million UK CBD consumers, a lot more people could find life enrichment from CBD. A small bit of information can go a long way. That being said, let's now clarify exactly what is CBD Crumble.

What is CBD Crumble?

CBD Crumble is a usually broad spectrum concentrate that is a wax-like texture and can be pale yellow to deep orange. It won't be brittle and snap like CBD shatter, but will levigate nicely similar to a soft hash. At Graded Green we craft our CBD crumble using potent CBD Distillate crystals and cannabis strain terpenes. We manipulate the combination of these natural ingredients under heat in such a fashion that when completed create soft crumbling blocks of bliss.

In appearance CBD Crumble can range from a pale white, to yellow and dark orange ear-wax like substance.

The term 'crumble' is descriptive of the appearance and texture up of the concentrate. It is easily crumbled and offers little resistance against force.

The differentiation in colour is usually an indication of the terpenes infused in the CBD Crumble.

Our CBD Crumble is crafted using pure 95% CBD Distillate crystals.

External botanical terpenes are added during the mixing stage to enrich the concentrate. When the terpenes are infused correctly, they not only leave your CBD crumble smelling like your favorite cannabis strain but they also enhance the effects by working in synergy with the cannabidiol.

5 Ways to Use CBD Crumble

Vaping / Dabbing - You can add these substances to an 'oil rig' or a 'dab pen'. Using heat, the concentrates will turn to vapor and can be inhaled. You could also add these concentrates to a PG/VG base and vape as an e-juice.

Smoking - If you're looking to increase the potency of your CBD hemp flower you could sprinkle concentrates throughout your 'spliff'. Or you could apply some gentle heat to the crumble, melting it into a 

Edible - You can infused your food with concentrates.

Sublingual Absorption - Perhaps the simplest way to do it. Take your selected dosage of concentrate and place it under your tongue. Hold under tongue for 120 seconds and swallow.

Combine with a carrier agent - You can use these concentrates to mix with a carrier oil such as MCT oil, Hemp seed oil or Coconut oil. You can heat a bottle of a carrier oil by sitting it in a bowl of hot water. Pour your concentrate powder into the warm carrier oil and shake for 5 minutes until all the crystals have dissolved in the fluid. You have made your own CBD oil!

Where to buy the best CBD Crumble UK

I am about to become a tad-bit biased

When it comes to buying CBD crumble online in the UK, Graded Green have a promising solution for you. Our Crumble is;

  1. Competitively Priced
  2. Crafted under GMP guidelines
  3. Crafted from the purest high quality crystalline CBD 
  4. Packed with botanical cannabis terpenes
  5. Instantaneous effects

So our product matches up, but what about service? When buying CBD Crumble products online you NEED a reputable vendor. 

  1. 2000+ Verified Consumer Reviews across multiple 3rd party review platforms. 88% Excellent 4.6/5 Stars.
  2. 96% Next day delivery rate throughout 2020, with an ambition to beat this record in 2021
  3. We offer 3rd party Lab reports for all items on our store upon request (We keep our reports hidden from our competitors, but they on hand for any consumers, anytime)

Still need assistance with your buying decisions? Still asking yourself, 'is CBD Crumble right for me?' Please feel free to drop us an email or live chat anytime and we would be happy to answer your queries!

Author Shaun Lehane

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