How do you store CBD concentrates at home? What are the best 3 ways to store CBD concentrates at home in 2021

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Being mindful of how to store your CBD concentrates is absolutely essential when it comes to preserving flavor, aroma and potency.

Storage is the most important factor when it comes to sustaining the quality of your products at home. After all, you don't want the time and money you spent selecting the right concentrates to be wasted by using improper storage techniques.

It's easier than you think to store your CBD concentrates properly. You don't need any expensive equipment or professional knowledge. We just need to be conscious of the external elements that could damage and degrade our extracts. Factors that can affect your concentrates are;

  • Air
  • Light
  • Heat
  • Moisture
  • Humidity

Now we know the elements that can damage our concentrates, we are better equipped to protect our products from them. We would recommend the 3 best ways to store your CBD concentrates short term are;

Glass Jars - This could be a small glass concentrates jar with a plastic lid, or a glass mason jar. Use a container size that is relative to the amount of concentrate you have. You don't want to use something too big as the air inside the container could degrade your product. Glass is great to store products that don't stick, such as CBD crumble.

Silicone Jars - Although not completely airtight, food grade silicone containers are amongst the best options to use when storing CBD concentrates. Silicone is a great option for storing CBD concentrates because of it's non stick material. You can peel any sticky concentrates straight off and avoid blunting your dab tool reclaiming sticky concentrates off hard sticky surfaces! There is research that suggests high terpene concentrates can actually damage silicone, and with silicone not being air tight this is definitely storage for the short term.

Parchment Paper - Perhaps the easiest way to keep your concentrates fresh in the short term. Simply fold and wrap them in a small parchment paper parcel. The non-stick properties of parchment paper will leave 100% of your dry concentrate left ready for use.

Once you have selected your chosen storage method you must then be mindful of where you store your storage! In general you will want to keep your storage in a cool, dark and dry place.

So now we know where to start when storing our CBD concentrates at home, you can try different methods to find out which works best for you. However you choose to do this, you can't go far wrong abiding to the following guidelines;

  • Airtight containers
  • Non stick surfaces such as silicone
  • Non porous materials like Glass are best
  • Cool, Dark and Dry place!
  • Keep away from heat
  • Keep away from direct light

Following these tips can help your CBD concentrates stay fresher for longer. This isn't just about retaining the terpenes but also ensuring your cannabinoids do not degrade at home! If you have any further questions regarding storing any CBD cannabis related products just drop us an email or message on our live chat during core business hours! Thanks!

Author Shaun Lehane

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