Is Buying Hemp Flower Online Safe?

When looking to buy Hemp Flower online it's important you look for a company which is registered, offers a customer support number and has an excellent return policy.

Here at Graded Green we've been selling our Hemp flower since 2019 and our reviews from across the web speak very highly of us.

Our customers like our Hemp Flower range, from Gorilla Glue to Bubblegum which is all exclusively grown for Graded Green by our grower Joe's Hemp Farm. You won't find any of our strains anywhere else in the world. 

Another thing our customers like is our extremely efficient customer support. We provide an 0800 number so our customers can call us for FREE to discuss their order, we also provide an email which allows our customers to email their enquiries to us and we will respond within the same business day.

We provide FREE & TRACKED delivery on all Hemp flower purchases.

So when it comes to buying your Hemp Flower online look for a business with the customer at the heart, look for Graded Green.

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