How Hemp helped Martin's back pain!

Here at Graded Green we often receive emails from our loyal customers telling us how much they like our products. One particular email caught our eye. It was from a customer named Martin. Martin suffers from back pain after a road traffic accident. His doctor had prescribed him a number of pain medications over the course of two years with little benefits. Martin then began looking for alternative forms of medication and came across Graded Green on our instagram page. Martin agreed that we can interview him for our blog.

Joe: So Martin, can you tell us a little bit about the accident you had?

Martin: Yeah so I was a passenger in a car and my friend was driving. We were on the M6 heading north to Lancaster when a car smashed into the back of the car I was travelling in. There was no major injuries, just some cuts and bruises really but the impact from behind caused me to have some lower back pain and I was cut free from the car as a precaution.

Joe: Wow, that sounds traumatic Martin, I assume you were taken to hospital? If you don’t mind saying what were you diagnosed with?

Martin: That’s right Joe, I was flown to a nearby major A&E centre and underwent an MRI. I was found to have a herniated disc from the accident which obviously wasn’t ideal. 

Joe: That sounds painful to say the least… How long were you out of action for?

Martin: So I couldn’t work for a few weeks. I underwent therapy and was on pain relief.

Joe: Do you mind telling us what they gave you for pain relief?

Martin: So for the first few weeks I was prescribed Tramadol. After that it was high strength paracetamol which did nothing for me.

Joe: After the herniated disc injury healed you were still in pain?

Martin: Yeah, it was a very dull pain which was very uncomfortable. I couldn’t really sleep.

Joe: And did you see the doctor about this pain?

Martin: Oh yes, on many different occasions. As I said before I was initially prescribed high strength paracetamol before being prescribed low dose Oramorph.

Joe: Oramorph is a pretty serious drug. How did you feel whilst on Orapmorph?

Martin: Well Joe, pretty lethargic all the time. In the end I stopped taking them and put up with the pain which made my life miserable.

Joe: That’s so sad to hear. What made you look for Hemp in particular?

Martin: I’ve heard many good things about Hemp. I was pretty sceptical about it for a few months and thought it was all a con. But when I started doing research I thought maybe this is something I can at least try before writing it off. 

Joe: And what made you choose Graded Green?

Martin: Well I’d seen so many good reviews on Google, loads of my friends were buying Hemp flower already so I know that it was a legit practice.

Joe: That’s good to hear that you have friends buying from us, what is your favourite product?

Martin: I absolutely love the Amnesia Haze Hemp Flower. It takes away the pain without making me feel tired throughout the day.

Joe: Fantastic! Thank you so much for taking time to talk to me today Martin. I wish you all the best!

Martin: No, thank you Joe and thank you to Graded Green.

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