Can Hemp help with sleep?

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I began my hemp journey after working night shifts for over five years. After being promoted within my job I finally escaped working 6pm to 6am, however not everything was fine. Working nights for that long period of time seriously damaged my internal clock. When you're used to getting up at 4pm, ready for work by 5pm, commuting to work for 6pm, leaving work at 6am, home by 7am, sleeping by 9am - you can't just change this years and years of abuse to your body at the drop of a hat.
When I started my new shift for maybe the first week or so I was managing quite alright with the sudden change to my body clock. I was getting the odd hour sleep here and there but this sleep wasn't really any useful. Slowly but surely I was feeling run down and tired throughout the day. I had no time to concentrate and my performance in work was beginning to drop.
Sooner or later my lack of sleep was also effecting my relationships with my children and wife. Things had to change.
You probably know where this is going next... I went to see my GP. I told her that I was having difficulties sleeping after going from night to day shifts. She prescribed me a weeks worth of sleeping pills. The pills worked as intended but after my last dose I was still struggling to get sleep. My return to my GP was a short one. GP's will not prescribe you sleeping pills very easily, let alone repeat prescriptions. This time my GP printed off some sleeping advice and told me to come back in two weeks if I was still struggling.
Safe to say I was struggling, and knowing that my GP couldn't really do anything for me at this point, or was reluctant to, I began searching the internet for help.
From my initial research I found that hemp was something that could help me. But oil? Flower? Edibles? It all seemed so complicated. On the other hand hemp Flower seem more appealing to me since I'm family with buds. And just out of desperation I bought 1 gram of Amnesia Haze Hemp flower and felt that this did help with me getting some sleep.
After a few weeks of buying this Hemp Flower I felt my sleep was getting better and better. The flower was simply a gateway for my Hemp experience as I began to try different products such as edibles and oils.
So if you're having difficulties sleeping like I was then I recommend you do try Hemp to fix this.
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