Can I fail a drug test by smoking Hemp?

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Today we look at drug testing and whether or not smoking Hemp can cause someone to fail theirs.


Drug testing has become a common place in many peoples place of work. Employers will use drug testing to maintain standards throughout the workplace and insurance reasons. Drug testing is not only something that is done within the work place, it's also something you may come across if you drive in the form of a place road side drug test.

The most common type of drug test in the work place is a urine test. A urine test can detect the following substances:

  • alcohol

  • amphetamines

  • barbiturates

  • benzodiazepines

  • cocaine

  • marijuana

  • methamphetamine

  • opioids

  • phencyclidine (PCP)

A urine drug test can detect most substances for around 30 days, or depending on how heavy the substance has been used. Someone who is a casual cannabis smoker should be clear of being detected by a urine test after 3 days after they last ingested. A heavy user may still be detectable 30 days later.

CBD Flower Drug Test

So could it be possible to fail urine test by smoking Hemp Flower? Well, it depends. Hemp Flower contains traces amount of THC. THC can show up on a urine test however the amount of THC within Hemp Flower is extremely low and should be below any cut-off level.

Next we look at another popular testing method, mouth swab. A mouth swab used by your employer or the police will usually only be looking for cannabis or cocaine. Typically these tests can detect use in the past 12-24 hours however for heavy users you could receive a positive result 3 days after you last used.

police swab test cbd

Mouth swabs usually have tolerances and minimum levels that need to be detected before showing a positive result. By simply smoking Hemp Flower you should not fail a mouth swab test as the THC levels are extremely low.

As always, use common sense. Don't smoke if you know you're going to have a drug test soon.

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