Packaging your order to maintain confidentiality and freshness of the flower using our "Four Freshness" method.

Outer Packaging

The outer packaging is a grey heavy-duty postage bag with a shipping label affixed. This bag does not contain any information as to where the package has come from or what's inside. This bag is heat sealed closed.

Inner Packaging

Inside the package contains a separate grey heavy duty bag, this is also heat sealed closed.

The Finale

Once inside the smaller grey bag you will be greeted with our iconic white foil package, this is also heat sealed. Inside the foil packaging will be a reinforced plastic jar containing your flower. Fresh and free from damage.

Why all the packaging?

Firstly, we care for the environment and that's why our packaging is from recycled material. The white foil packaging can be reused thanks to the ziplock and so can the small plastic jar.

We go to a great extent to ensure that our customers receive their flowers securely, confidentially and free from any damage. That's why our "Four Freshness" packaging method is so highly rated by our customers.

Other CBD flower sellers will not use this much protection for their flowers. In fact - most use just a simple plastic packet to send their flowers out in. This just isn't good enough as it will often get damaged during post.

"Graded Green are truly pioneers in the CBD flower industry. Their packaging is next level and they don't scrimp to save cost. They really do care about their customers" - Sam