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"I've been buying CBD to treat my back pain since early 2016 so it's quite safe to say that I've tried a number of different companies not just online but at physical locations around my area in the UK.A friend told me about graded green in December 2019 and recommended I buy a few different types of flower because he said they were amazing.Their flower strains are certainly unique and it's something I've never tried before. The weight of my packages has always been in excess of what I've ordered and my order has usually come next day."

By "Harriet" On Trustpilot

Their amnesia haze bud is well mint and I've ordered so many times from graded with no problem. They even gave me a free 1g sample pack for Christmas as a present so they've got me as a customer for life 💚

By "Aaron" On Trustpilot

Wish I found this retailer a lot, lot sooner. Buying cbd online is a bit of a minefield at the moment. You order flower that is almost always underweight and not as advertised. With graded I've not had any of those problems. The flower has came overweight and in the strain I've actually ordered.

By "Callum" On Trustpilot

First time I've ordered from graded green and I've had no issues. Ordered on chrstimas day and my order arrived today (30th December) which is pretty great considering it's the holiday period. I will be delighted to buy more products in the future.

By "Mohammed" On Trustpilot

Im in 3rd Yr Uni atm and work full time at a bar. I'm drinking energy drinks all day so when I get home I'm usually still wired but I only have a small window to sleep before I get back up again for lectures. The CBD flower helps me get to sleep but when I wake I don't have a stoneover!

By "Kevin" On Trustpilot