What is the difference between CBD VAPE JUICE and CBD VAPE OIL?

What is the difference between CBD VAPE JUICE and CBD VAPE OIL?

What are the differences between CBD Vape Juice and CBD Vape Oil?

Vaping CBD is an ever growing trend for those looking to consume CBD in a quick, effective, simple and flavorsome way. Vaping cannabinoids is such a popular method because of the high bioavailability and almost instantaneous effects. Bioavailability is simply how much CBD the body can absorb as you consume it. When you vape, 50-60% of the CBD is retained by the body. This is because vaping CBD enters the bloodstream directly via the lungs. Others methods such as CBD oil drops have a much lower bioavailability, usually around 5-10%.

Is CBD vape juice the same as CBD vape oil?
Genuine CBD vape oil is hard to come by, and a lot of retailers promote their CBD vape juice as CBD vape oil. However there is a huge difference in quality between authentic cannabidiol vape oil and a vape juice. 

What is CBD vape juice?
CBD Vape juice
can also be known as CBD E-liquid. In short, this is a vape solution usually made from Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). Typically, this solution would act as a carrier fluid for a CBD extract to be dissolved into. The fluid will generally be thin and clear.

  • CBD Extract Dissolved into vape solution
  • Vape solution made from 'non hemp' ingredients VG & PG
  • Thin & Clear in appearance

What is CBD Vape oil?
CBD Vape Oil is a free flow honey-like, thick & sticky oil. Usually this would be a yellow to orange in colour. The fluid like runny CBD vape oil is not diluted with any cutting agents or carrier fluids. It is a honey-like runny oil in its natural state and will not crystallize due to the wide range of cannabinoids in the extract. Generally a thick oil with golden colour.

  • Free Flowing, honey-like liquid
  • Just hemp extract, Not diluted with any carrier fluids
  • Strong, concentrate hemp extract with variety of cannabinoids
  • Thick golden orange in appearance

What is the better, CBD Vape Oil or CBD Vape Juice?
Either CBD vape oil or CBD vape juice may be more suitable dependent on your personal needs.

CBD Vape Oil is a concentrated extract and tends to be a stronger hit as it's not diluted with any carrier fluids such as VG / PG. You consume more CBD with each use of the lungs as you are inhaling only CBD. This could be good for people who need strong relief fast, a couple times per day.

CBD Vape Juice is a diluted extract. Due to this when you inhale the CBD, you are also inhaling the VG / PG solution that is has been dissolved into. The effects are not as strong off each inhale. However, because the vape juice is diluted is may be a better option for somebody who needs to vape CBD repeatedly throughout the day. 

Which is the healthier vape option?
Although inhaling anything into the lungs is not without its draw backs, vaping a pure undiluted formula is reasonably the more healthier option. Purely because you are not inhaling any excessive substances other than what's needed for the desired effects. Also, with the concentrated vape oil being stronger, you will need to use your lungs less to inhale the same dose from vape oil as vape juice.

What are the strongest CBD vapes?
The Strongest CBD vapes available in the UK are concentrated CBD vape oils. You should try a full spectrum CBD vape oil, either from a disposable CBD vape pen or a vape cartridge.

What vape gives the best flavour?
If taste and flavour is a priority to you then either a terpene infused distillate vape product or a flavour concentrated CBD e liquid would be a good place to start.

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