What is the best CBD Flower in 2021? Here's our top 3 so far this year and why!

So many people are wanting to know what the best CBD Flower is in 2021, with so many different companies and sites saying it's this, it's that and whatever else it's seriously no wonder why there is so much confusion when it comes to picking the best CBD Flower in 2021. We have made this little list of our top 3 CBD flowers in the UK for 2021. Ready to read more?


In 1st Place

Coming up in 1st Place is our Super Banana CBD Flower. It's simply a fan favourite due it's high CBD percentage and great aroma. The effects given by the Super Banana are simply magnificent and the demand for this stunning flower is so great that we often sell out of this! Just take a look at the picture below, and you will see exactly why it's a great flower. Dense, but yet with a "fluffy" exterior, and cured to absolute perfection! To buy the Super Banana CBD Flower click here

In 2nd Place
You were all probably expecting it! But it's going to be our Bruce Banner CBD Flower. It's commonly referred to HULK SMASH! In the office because of its effects, density and stench. It's a Graded Green flower classic and we've been stocking this flower since June 2021 (that shows how well it has been selling!). To buy Bruce Banner CBD Flower click here.
Bruce Banner CBD Flower
In 3rd Place
You know, we know it, we all know it! It couldn't be a top 3 list without the classic Sherlato CBD Flower. Fruity, nutty and most of all packing 17% CBD! It's just the best all around flower for new and experienced users. Fun fact, did you know that Graded Green was the first European store to stock the Sherlato flower? You heard it hear first! This is yet another absolute classic that has been with us for over a year now and it's trusted by many. It's such a versatile flower that's great for all levels of users! You can buy Sherlato CBD Flower by clicking here
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