The Court of Appeal says "CBD Flower is NOT a narcotic" from the Uncle Herb Case

The Court of Appeal says "CBD Flower is NOT a narcotic" from the Uncle Herb Case
CBD Flower legality takes a positive turn, what is to come next?

Positive news has came from the UK Court of Appeal declaring CBD Flower under 0.2% THC is not a narcotic. It is said that in hemp flowers with under 0.2% THC, they do not contain enough controlled cannabinoids to be considered a 'narcotic'. This provokes the UK authorities to control CBD Flower differently than it has been, which has seen a blanket ban on anything cannabis related. 

The news came after an original Hemp flower brand known as Uncle Herb were prosecuted for selling Hemp Flowers. Graded Green would like to take this time to congratulate the people from Uncle Herb on fighting the good fight, and standing up for what is right for society and many communities within the UK. We wish you well in your recovery from your unfortunate suffering, both mentally and financially.

"A sophisticated and obviously successful business" 

Graded Green CBD suffered a similar fait, being prosecuted for importing, possessing and selling CBD Flowers during the time the UK where still part of the EU. In a two and a half year legal battle, the creators of Graded Green suffered a huge 6 figure financial loss, mental torture and faced imprisonment if found guilty. We fought our charges the whole way, being open and transparent with authorities about our operation inside out. We received a Not Guilty verdict in Crown Court for the charges early 2023.

When we experienced our raids authorities describes Graded Green as "A sophisticated and obviously successful enterprise". On the day of our raids in March 2021, we suffered a confiscation of stock from CBD Flowers, CBD Hash, CBD Oils, Gummies and Vapes. We also had to refund over £17K of sales that came in on the day of the raids and arrests. Back then, we stocked multiple other branded products. Upon analysis of our products the main items we were told where illegal where the Isolate CBD branded vape juices that Police claimed contained controlled levels of THC.

The whole experience has shown us that the current laws revolving CBD are outdated and unable to accurately represent the scientific research and view held by the worlds leading authorities in countries such as the USA, Canada, France Germany, Switzerland and beyond. However things are beginning to move in a better direction for those looking to use THC free cannabis products. Graded Green stays committed to aiding positive change for the UK cannabis industry.

Throughout the legal proceeding and even beforehand, we knew CBD flower was not a narcotic, based on the European Court of Justice's ruling to this effect in 2020. It's dreams come true for us, to see the UK catching up with the rest of the modern world. We've been the UK's premium CBD brand since 2019 and we are only getting better. Whether you've been part of our movement previously, or new to the brand, stay on board because it's a hell of a ride.

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