CBD Dab preview - Blue Dream CBD Shatter + Googles Top 5 FAQs on CBD Shatter answered by Graded Green CBD

CBD Dab preview - Blue Dream CBD Shatter + Googles Top 5 FAQs on CBD Shatter answered by Graded Green CBD
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Preview of Blue Dream CBD Shatter

Key Points
  1. Solventless CBD Extract
  2. Natural Botanical Terpenes
  3. 100% Pure Cannabidiol
  4. £0.02p per milligram

Previewing the Blue Dream CBD Shatter we created at Graded Green CBD wasn't the hardest thing I have ever had to do. After all, blueberries and cannabinoids go hand in hand right? Right. Satisfying my sweet tooth and finding relief, perfect.

One of our most popular relievers, Blue Dream CBD Shatter is an all natural solventless CBD extract. Made entirely of cannabidiol and botanical terpenes. The two extractions are skillfully combined together under gentle heat and slight agitation. Ensuring an evenly potent infusion for optimum indulgence and relief.

The CBD Shatter is packaged in a 5ml glass container, with a plastic child proof screw on cap. The concentrate itself will sit on a glass base ensuring it won't stick. The container is induction sealed with a foil insert, to preserve the dignity of the terpene aroma. We have made the container thick and nontransparent to protect your concentrate from any damage caused by light. The small stylish label on top provides you with a quick explanation of what product is inside.

The product itself is a small crystalline brittle glass like shard. It's off white, almost with a yellow tinge. It's purity is clear to see by it's sparkling crystal coating which breaks open easily under the slightest of pressures. It's easy to be taken back by the sweet, blueberry sherbet aroma of the all natural botanical terpene infused CBD crystals.

The CBD concentrates are decarboxylated extracts and are ready to use in a multitude of ways. My personal preference is to vape the concentrates in a portable vape device like my Pax 3, or Puffco Plus. However, you may wish to dab these in an oil rig, add to a spliff, easily infuse into a carrier oil at home such as MCT oil, or cooking.

My device of choice for the Blue Dream CBD Shatter product test was the Puffco Plus portable vaporizer. It says on the Puffco packaging, "You get out, what you put in" and I totally agree. I filled my chamber with roughly 100mg CBD, about 0.10g of CBD Shatter, and vaped it up. Sweet, blueberry taste on the inhale, producing large clouds on the exhale.

The terpene infused CBD concentrate promotes calming throughout both the upper and lower body due to its mixed genetics. The potent blueberry of its name lends a palpably sweet taste and some slightly lethargic properties. It's a blend noteworthy for its resonating effects, headband feeling, and some extraordinarily thoughtful moments.

The effects of the concentrate were certainly noticeable before the end of my vape session and crept on me for a prolonged period of time after consumption. I was certainly relieved of my troubles and remained in a relaxed state thereafter. The results produced by infusing the solventless purified cannabidiol with naturally sourced, botanical terpenes is a truly premium experience. One which cannot be replicated with cheap alternatives and synthetic ingredients. Pure botanical concentrates from natural sources can offer great relief. The hardest part is finding what best works for you, but that is also the funnest! So to find what relieves all your boxes, get trying out different combinations of purifications in CBD extraction and varieties of terpenes.

My overall conclusions previewing this product is that;
Packaging is exceptional. It is stylish and ticks all the boxes to help preserve the quality of the concentrate.
The raw materials used to create the product are of the highest quality, naturally sourced and not synthetic. All natural ingredients.
Pricing offers unrivalled value to the customer at less than 2p per milligram.

Googles 5 most FAQs on CBD Shatter answered by Graded Green CBD

What does CBD shatter feel like?

CBD Shatter is a concentrated product. This just means that all of the good stuff is taken from the cannabis plant, and jammed together in this tiny tantalizing extract. So because of this, we only need a small amount of CBD Shatter to see results. I use a dose of around 100mg with my CBD Shatter. My goals can range from decreasing anxiety levels to promoting sleep. CBD Shatter can feel like different things to different people. You may even have different results from different CBD shatter products. Effects and how CBD shatter can feel like will be dependant on different factors for sure. From the type of extraction method used, the terpenes use and of course the cannabinoid content.

It is safe to say that whatever type of quality CBD shatter you use, you will expect to see results almost instantaneously when vaped. Results can be mellow and calming, with a relaxation of body and mind when taken at the right doses. It is surely possible that one can feel a physical head to toe relaxed sensation throughout the body. Dabbing concentrates is certainly the best way to receive fast and full effects in my opinion. A quick and conveniently consume your CBD.

Does CBD shatter get you high?

CBD Shatter can certainly have a psycoactive effect, but it cannot get you high. As their is no THC present in CBD concentrates they will not get you high. As we know, THC is the cannabinoid that promotes the high associated with cannabis use. Due to the inconclusion of this cannabinoid in CBD shatter products, you certainly won't get high. What you can do though is experience positive psycoactive changes such as clarity of mind, relief of anxiety and even in my own experience I can say anecdotally that CBD has had an anti psycoactive effect. CBD shatter when vaped and dabbed can promote the entourage effect when combined with quality botanical terpenes. As the multiple molecules in the terpenes and CBD are consumed, they act in synergy to promote an all over body sensation that leads to a relaxed state for both body and mind.

What do CBD dabs taste like?

Are you wondering what do CBD dabs taste like? Well, the funnest and easiest way to find this out would to dive right in and try some. Truth is, dabs can vary in taste and effects extremely broadly. Some dabs taste exceptionally well, whilst some could taste poor. Most unflavoured dabs will taste and smell of a subtle sweet hemp. Isolate products won't have any aroma or taste. Some dabs will be infused with terpenes to improve the scent, taste and overall effects and experience.

Are CBD Dabs safe?

Sure CBD Dabs are safe.. In the same way that everything else is safe. Use it properly. Just because it's safe, has no chance of abuse or addiction, doesn't mean it will be completely harmless. It is still cannabis based and research is still new and improving so treat the extracts with complete respect. That being said, they are thought to be entirely safe when used correctly. CBD Dabs don't produce any intoxicating effects.

Are CBD Dabs legal UK?

CBD Dabs are completely 100% legal within the UK. CBD Dabs are concentrated forms of legal cannabis extract. It is legal because the cannabinoids in the products are not controlled substances. They're combined with legal, botanical terpenes. Neither materials found in dabs are controlled substance or dangerous drugs. CBD Dabs don't produce any intoxicating effects.

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