Graded Green: Going Green - Our Sustainability Pledge

Graded Green: Going Green - Our Sustainability Pledge

Graded Green will no longer include packaging or materials made from non-recyclable material for orders placed online, through Graded Green's sister sites or for wholesale orders.

This represents the biggest reduction in plastic by Graded Green to date and is the next step in its mission to reduce its environmental impact across all areas of the business. The move will eliminate over 100 metric tons of non-sustainable plastic, whilst continuing to provide our customers with the great packaging they've come to love and trust.

1. From January 2022, in a first for the UK CBD sector, Graded Green will trial paper mylar bags for all products requiring that were previously placed into plastic mylar bags. This move eliminates the majority of plastic waste within the business. 

2. From September 2021, Graded Green will only dispatch orders placed online through - or it's sister sites, using sustainable postage materials. This means that everything that keeps your order safe whilst it goes through the postage network is sourced responsibly and can be recycled.

3. From October 2021, Graded Green will move to a sustainable postage courier for all our consumer posted goods. Our new partner will use electric vehicles (EV's) to collect and deliver your orders. For our trade customers we will pay to offset our couriers carbon emissions for each order placed.

4. From November 2021, Graded Green will install solar panels on our warehouse, this is in addition to the extensive solar panel system on our office. This investment in renewable energy will be the largest ever made in the UK's CBD sector.

Company director and head of our sustainability movement Joseph Kerr says "This is a huge investment and pledge we are committed to. We are the only cannabis company in Europe to make this type of pledge and we hope more follow our lead. We know that so many of our customers are concerned with regards to the environmental impact they have when ordering online so we want them to know that they can shop with Graded Green and that we won't just say we care about the environment but we will show it too."

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