Do any products Graded Green sell get you high? NO!

Do any products Graded Green sell get you high? NO!

Many people often get confused surrounding CBD products and illicit marijuana so we want to help you understand the difference between them both.

Firstly, Graded Green do not sell marijuana! Not a single product we have will get you high or cause any of the effects that illegal marijuana will have. That means all the dangers associated with marijuana are not found in a single product that we sell. We can't stress this enough, it's impossible to feel the same effects as smoking or using marijuana products by buying anything on our website. If you think buying any product on our site will give you these effects then you're going to be very disappointed. 

If you're looking to buy illegal drugs online then please seek help. There are a number of charities available that can help you including Talk To Frank in the UK. Alternatively you can speak to your GP who really can help you overcome any dependencies you have.

The products that Graded Green sell are derived from hemp. This hemp is grown under government licence in places like France, Switzerland and Italy. All of the products we sell are processed to remove any illegal cannabinoids including THC. Every single product we sell contains 0% THC and any other controlled cannabinoid. 

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