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Zkittlez CBD Vape E Liquid 3000mg 60ml
Zkittlez CBD Vape E Liquid 3000mg 60ml
Zkittlez CBD Vape E Liquid 3000mg 60ml
Zkittlez CBD Vape E Liquid 3000mg 60ml
Zkittlez CBD Vape E Liquid 3000mg 60ml
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Full Spectrum CBD Vape E Liquid

Graded Green CBD proudly presents to you our NEW 2022 range of cannabis strain inspired full spectrum CBD vape e liquids. These 75ml dripper bottles are filled with 3000mg of full spectrum cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBC & CBE. The thick, golden honey-like full spectrum vape liquid is infused with naturally sourced, cannabis strain specific terpenes.

Your new Graded Green CBD vape e liquid is ready to use straight away. Simply drip your desired amount into your compatible device. Place between your lips and take slow pulls until your desired effects are reached. Vaping CBD offers consumers almost instantaneous relief, so fill up your atomizer and sit back, relax and enjoy huge flavoursome clouds of vapor.

Our products contain natural ingredients.

Product Overview

• Full Spectrum CBD Vape E liquid
• 60ml E Liquid
• 3000mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
• 40 VG / 60 PG
• Very Strong Effects
• THC Free effects as all extract has less than 0.2% THC
• Infused with naturally sourced, strain specific terpenes
• Instantaneous effects of vaping
• Solventless product
• Co2 Extracted
• Organic Full Spectrum CBD extract
• 5% Total Hemp Derived Cannabinoids
• 1% All Natural Botanical Terpenes
• £0.01p per mg

Zkittlez Strain Specific Terpenes
Zkittlez strain profile doesn't just make the mouth water, but is also known to promote a more balanced mood and increase motivation by relieving stresses and aiding pain management.

Calming, Relaxing, Relief Inducing

Sweet, Floral, Candy

Strain Specific Terpenes
Beta Caryophyllene, Pinene, Myrcene

Full Spectrum CBD Extract, Cannabis Strain Profile Terpenes, Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol.

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