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Home / Standard Flower / Purple Stardawg 22% CBD
Purple Stardawg 22% CBD
Purple Stardawg 22% CBD
Purple Stardawg 22% CBD
Purple Stardawg 22% CBD
Purple Stardawg 22% CBD
Purple Stardawg 22% CBD
Purple Stardawg 22% CBD
Category : Standard Flower
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Stardawg originates from California and has risen exponentially to popularity in recent years. This aesthetically pleasing flower owes its good looks to the beautiful green and orange buds with purple tinge. It is coated in a light frosting of crystal trichomes. The scent is as pleasing on the nose as the visuals are on the eyes. Strong scents of gas and citrus are very apparent.

 Purple Stardawg offers immediately noticeable and strong effects. Due to its high CBD content this strain could be better for people looking for deeper relaxing effects. The properties of this strain are sure to help promote a better sleeping pattern, reduce anxieties and worries.

Contains 22.32% CBD from last laboratory test. THC below 0.16%. Effects are noticeably strong. Seeded strain.

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