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Full Spectrum "Whole Flower" CBD Oil (3000MG)
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Graded Green proudly presents our new "Whole Flower" CBD Oil. Made from whole flower only, we don't use stalks, stems, leaf or seeds in making our oil. This means the oil contains only the part of the plant that matters, the flower. 

Whole Flower CBD Oil is much different from the other oils you may have used before. It's richer in natural Cannabinoids and terpenes which provide the greatest effects. We do not add any other ingredients to artificially increase the CBD or CBG percentages like other "full spectrum" oils. 

Why is this so different to other CBD Oils? It's in the Flower, literally. Giant hemp processing plants which provide the world with 99% of the CBD found on the market is always looking for ways to cut corners and make CBD oil cheaper for them to make. That's why they use the entire hemp plant, sticks, stems and seeds included when in fact the real goodness is found in the flower itself. Think about an apple. You wouldn't eat the seeds, stems and roots... Right? That's why our CBD Oil contains the extract only found in the flower, nowhere else.

Ingredients: Whole Flower Hemp Extract with MCT

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