CBD Isolate

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Our CBD isolate is 100% pure CBD and is popular amongst those who create their own CBD oils at home. 

What is CBD isolate?

As the name suggests, it's isolated CBD. It comes in a form of white powder and is odorless and tasteless. Our CBD isolate is 100% pure.

What is CBD isolate used for?

CBD isolate has a wide range of uses which include vaping, baking and making your own CBD oils.

Making CBD Oil

It's possible to make your own CBD oil from this product. To do so, you will need a carrier oil such as MCT. Add the isolate and carrier oil to your non-stick pan whilst on a low head and mix until the CBD isolate has fully incorporated into your carrier oil. You will know it has fully incorporated once the mixture becomes clear. Take off the heat and store in an amber bottle (or a bottle that blocks/reduces light from damaging the cannabinoids). 

 Cannabinoid Calculations

A single gram of CBD isolate contains 1,000 milligrams of cannabidiol (CBD). 1g = 1000mg CBD