Discreet Packaging

Due to the nature of the products we understand that many customers might not wish for others to see the contents, this includes your post person!
Our solution to this is utilising a tri-package system which involves at least three layers of sealed packaging. The first layer is typically the product packaging, this could be a mylar bag for example. Our custom made mylar bags which contains our herb products have three barriers within itself. The first barrier is the foil inside the bag, the resealable zipper and then the heat seal. This ensures no smell escapes. This will then be placed in a box (the second layer) before being wrapped in grey or black cellophane which is then sealed as the final barrier.
There is no way anyone would be able to tell where your package has come from by looking at the exterior. The shipping label does not have our companies name on and there is no branding on any of the exterior packaging.