CBD Flowers & Hash Disclaimer

Our CBD flowers are processed products made from industrial hemp, similar to other CBD products like CBD oil. Our CBD flowers are grown in Europe under government licence and are washed to remove all forms of THC and other controlled cannabinoids before being sold in the UK.

It is important to note that for CBD flowers to be considered legal, they must contain 0% THC and not 0.2% as some retailers may mistakenly claim.

CBD Hash is a reference to industrial hemp resin. This is made from, as one example, pressing processed CBD flowers to release them of their resins. This very same resin is used in the manufacturing of CBD products such as CBD oil. 

There is no way to abuse any of our products as they do not contain illicit substances such as THC. To comply with all laws we work with a US Laboratory called ACS. They are DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) certified.

To best assist any enquiries from law enforcement please email us at support@gradedgreen.com from an email address used for official purposes only. We are always happy to work with law enforcement from around the world, including requests to send products to them for testing.