Where to buy the cheapest CBD Oil in the UK? 2021 Guide

When looking for CBD Oil online it's importing not to buy into brands with fancy back stories, or shiny packaging. After all you're not buying a story or a carboard box, but instead the import CBD Oil inside.

First of all, finding a trust worthy company to buy your CBD Oil from. Check the site for reviews (for example Graded Green have over 1,100 reviews at the time of writing this post), a trustworthy company will shout about their reviews! If a company doesn't have many reviews on 3rd party sites (a 3rd party site like Trustpilot independently verify reviews) then it's likely that company isn't very great and you should avoid shopping there.

It's very important to verify that the company you're buying CBD Oil from are sending your product from within the UK. Why? Well you wouldn't want to be buying CBD Oil from overseas and wait weeks and weeks for it to arrive. Graded Green offer fast 24 hour delivery on most orders in the UK.

Also, check, check, check the lab certificates of your CBD oil! If the company you're looking to buy CBD Oil from doesn't have lab certificates then it's likely the CBD content of the oil isn't what that company are claiming! If the company does have lab test certificates ensure they are in date. A lab test result should be no older than 12 months from the date you are purchasing. Check the make sure the lab test has the companies name and address. All of Graded Green's oil have in-date lab results. Do not buy CBD Oil that does not have a valid lab test certificate

Here is an example of what a test certificate should look like.

For most people price is very important when it comes to buying CBD Oil, and it's completely reasonable! Graded Green offer the cheapest prices for CBD Oil on the market. We are the cheapest because we have a hand in the entire process of making the oil which ultimately brings the cost down. We don't need to pay for expensive packaging or fictional backstories because we just want to let the oil do all the talking!

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