Where can you buy CBD flower in the UK for 2022?

Where can you buy CBD flower in the UK for 2022?

CBD Flower in the UK has become harder to find since Brexit resulting in huge difficulties for many retails to sell the flower in the UK as it can no longer be imported directly. This has resulted in many companies working with third party distributors in the UK who have access.

Is CBD Flower legal in the UK for 2022?

Yes, the law remains the same on CBD flower for 2022 in that it is not a controlled substance as the product contains no or minute traces of the controlled cannabinoids. Sold as a CBD product with no way to recover any of the controlled cannabinoids, CBD flower sold by a reputable retailer is not illegal.

Why should I only buy CBD Flower from UK companies?

If you're purchasing from within the UK you should only purchase CBD flower from companies who are going to dispatch your order from within the UK. You could be breaking the law if you purchase CBD Flower from outside the UK. It is cheaper, quicker and no risk when you buy CBD Flower from UK companies.

How can I avoid being scammed?

Always check that the company has been trading for some length of time and receives frequent third party reviews. Do not always trust reviews posted on a website as these reviews cannot be trusted. Instead you should look to see if the site has a Trustpilot page. When purchasing online always remember if it seems to good to be true, it often is.

Why is Graded Green so popular when it comes to CBD Flower?

Trading for almost 3 years, Graded Green have become the UK's most popular website for all things CBD. We only sell the highest quality products, including our CBD Flower and with our Same Day and Next Day delivery options it's no wonder we are the best in the UK!

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