Preventing Delivery Fraud

For businesses big and small delivery fraud is a common problem we have to deal with when selling online. Delivery fraud is usually when a person will claim not to have received their delivery when they actually have. By saying that they haven't received the delivery they then hope the business they have bought from will replace or refund without question. By doing this the person is causing the business a financial loss.

To prevent delivery fraud we have systems in place. One of those systems is utilising  fully tracked courier services. When your chosen courier marks your delivery as “delivered” this is our guarantee the courier has delivered your order to the address you have provided us. Additionally to this your courier may provide us with a signature or a picture to prove delivery.

Our policy is that once your order has been marked as “delivered” we have fulfilled our obligation as a retailer. If your claim is that you have not received your delivery for whatever reason you need to contact the courier in the first instance. 

If your order has been delivered by Royal Mail then you need to contact your local depot, you can do this by clicking here and searching for your local depot. Your local depot will be able to contact the post person which delivered your item to ask for clarification. If your local depot does not have a contact number that you can find it is advisable to visit the depot in person and ask to speak to the depot manger for that shift.

If your order has been delivered by DPD you can contact them directly by clicking here.

If your order has been delivered by UPS you can contact them directly by clicking here.

In cases where you can provide evidence that you have not received delivery we will always replace your order without any hesitation. We do understand that from time to time couriers will make mistakes and where evidence this is provided we will always be on your side.

To ensure your order is delivered correctly and on time please check, and check again that your address is clear and accurate.

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