Paying for CBD with Crypto currency in 2021 - The ultimate beginners guide in 2021!

Paying for CBD with Crypto currency in 2021 - The ultimate beginners guide in 2021.

What will you learn in this blog? You will learn what crypto currency is, why you should use it and how you can use it when buying CBD.

Recently Graded Green has announced that we are now accept Bitcoin as a way of paying for your CBD. We made this addition to our checkout following feedback from our privacy conscious customers. By utilising Coinbase Commerce, you can place your order and send your Bitcoin without even having a Coinbase wallet. Your order is processed the exact same way as it would if you paid by card.

What is Bitcoin? In very brief terms, it's a virtual currency you can buy with "physical" currency, for example pounds, dollar, euro. This is then converted into the virtual currency and stored in an online wallet. 

One of the most popular wallets is Coinbase, you can signup by clicking here.

So, why should you use a virtual currency like Bitcoin? For many people it's a way of keeping their information safe when making purchases online. We all know companies nowadays are constantly taking our data whether we like it or not. That's why when paying using Bitcoin you don't have to use a real name or an address as their no authentication process. You can be as anonymous as you like to be.

Few reputable CBD companies offer crypto as a way of payment, but as the biggest CBD company in the UK we want to change this. You can use crypto at checkout at Graded Green as you normally would if you were checkout out using card payment.

Alternatively you can place an order using our live chat which is available 9AM to 4PM Monday to Friday.

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