Our NEW support system is now live!

Our NEW support system is now live!

We are pleased to announce that after months in development our new customer support is now live.

Since we launched our business in 2019 we have always conducted our customer support via email. As we are now nearing the middle of the 2020's we know email is old technology and for our customers we know you want to be able to contact us without loading up your emails! From today (30/04/2023) you will be able to contact us for any reason through our Instagram, Facebook or if you're still old school you can continue to email us.

We are continuing to monitor feedback from all of our customers regarding the customer service we provide. We already have a significant investment in our customer service team which has been headed up by our customer service manager Jade Goodwin for a number of years. We will always continue to invest in our customer service team and the technology the use to best serve you.

If you wish to email us: support@gradedgreen.com

Instagram chat: 

Facebook chat: 

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