Is buying CBD online safe in 2021? What should you look for before you buy CBD?

Is buying CBD online safe in 2021? What should you look for before you buy?

What will you learn in this blog? You will learn how to keep yourself safe online when buying CBD. You will learn the difference between fake and real reviews.

We know buying CBD online can be often a tricky business as there’s lots of questions to ask yourself. Firstly, is buying CBD safe in terms of “is your money safe” but more importantly are the products you’re buying really safe?

When buying CBD from a vendor in the UK (a vendor basically means someone who sells it) make sure they are a registered business (you can check this by going to the companies house website) - it’s good practice for the business to provide their company number on their website and it can usually be found under their terms and conditions. But what if you can’t locate a business in the companies house database? It usually means that business is not registered.

Reviews are one of the most important factors when choosing a reputable company to buy CBD from in the UK. Don’t always trust website-based reviews, this is because these reviews can be manipulated by the company itself and are not always trustworthy. The most trusted review website by far is Trustpilot. Trustpilot integrates itself into the backend of stores and invites the customer to review their experience after they receive their products. When the customer reviews the store it is shown as “verified” on Trustpilot. The “verified” badge is Trustpilot’s way of saying they’ve checked that the review is authentic and not fake.

A trustworthy website should shout about their reviews on Trustpilot!

We see a lot of pages on Instagram and Facebook selling CBD but they have no website and they ask customers to place orders by emailing them. This is not safe and we strongly discourage anyone paying for services via bank transfer.

In short, check that the business is registered on companies house and they have a strong review base on third party websites. 

  • Is the business on companies house?
  • Does their products have certificates of authenticity? (COA's)
  • Are they on Trustpilot?
  • Do they accept card payment?

If the answer to any of them questions is a NO then stay away from that business!

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