How long does Hemp flower last for?

Keeping your Hemp Flower fresh is important as the fresher the flower the more of its Hemp effects you'll feel.

A popular question we are asked is "how long will my Hemp flower last for?" - and the answer to that question is always down to the condition the flower is kept in. Here at Graded Green we ship our flowers in airtight packaging, whether it's jars or foil zipped bags. This is because the less exposure the flower has to the outside world the fresher it will remain, in theory.

All Hemp Flower that we sell here on Graded Green has already been cured and burped (burping is the process of releasing moisture when curing Hemp flower, this means when you receive your flower you can store it away within its original packaging for up to five months before the flower may begin to deteriorate.

How should you store your Hemp Flower?

  • Store in airtight packaging
  • A cool place
  • Out of direct sunlight 
  • Away from children

How shouldn't you store Hemp Flower?

  • Don't store on top of any electrical item that gives off heat
  • Don't store inside a refrigerator as this may attract mold
  • Don't store different strains together
  • Don't store in containers that have grinders or other tobacco products inside

As with most things nowadays we all have our own ways of doing things so if you've found a particular storage method that keeps your flower fresh and mold free for longer then we are not telling you to change what you're doing. Our advice is simply guidance from a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. This advice is for newcomers and not pro's who may be interested in monitoring every aspect of storing their Hemp Flower.

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