Here at Graded Green we believe our customers should get what they've paid for. That's why there are steps we put in place to ensure our orders are weighed accurately.

It has unfortunately become a standard practice throughout Europe that Hemp flower retailers are under-weighing customer orders in an attempt to save money. We at Graded Green believe this is not an acceptable practice and have over the past year lobbied other retailers to ensure they're weighing their products accurately.

At Graded Green we use two jeweller's scales to ensure accuracy. We then package each order and then weigh for a second time. As we know how much our packaging weighs this allows us to make sure our customers are getting what they've paid for.


Something you may not find elsewhere is that we also make sure all orders go out overweight. This is so even if our scales are wrong for whatever reason, our customers will always receive a little bit extra. It's also our way of saying thank you for shopping with us.

With our weight guarantee, we guarantee that if your order does ever arrive underweight then you can keep it and still receive a full refund.