Extended support via our WhatsApp

Extended support via our WhatsApp

Graded Green today have joined with WhatsApp to bring further pre and post sale customer support. Customers will now be able to speak to a member of our team 24 hours a day, seven days a week regarding a wide range of topics.

Our customer experience manager Jade Goodwin has today said "This is a huge new step into the modern world of online retail. Sending an email to a company to ask for help or report an issue shouldn't really have to involve sending an email and waiting days and days for a reply. How simpler would it be if you just had to ask on WhatsApp and get a response almost instantly from a real human?"

To access the WhatsApp feature simply click on the WhatsApp logo in the bottom right. Here's a few things you'll be able to talk to us about:

  • Order on WhatsApp
  • Product questions
  • Support & advice on using CBD
  • Issues & returns

Explaining some of things you can do when speaking to us on WhatsApp, Jade said: "We know some people would prefer to place an order on WhatsApp rather than entering details into a checkout and that's why you can speak to us on WhatsApp and place your order and have the option to pay however you like."

For privacy, WhatsApp messages are automatically deleted after 24 hours and no details are stored.

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