5 Things CBD will not do

5 Things CBD will not do

1) CBD will not get you "high"

It's true that CBD products on sale in the UK from reputable sources such as ourselves will not cause any psychoactive effect as the cannabinoids that cause such effects just aren't found in our products in the quantities needed.

2) CBD does not help with everything

Nothing is more cringe-worthy than seeing an advertisement for CBD that promises to cure everything. It's important to do your research before buying CBD to make sure you aren't just throwing your money away. The research that has been done so far into CBD has shown it can help with anxiety, forms of chronic pain and addiction to substances such as tobacco and even marijuana.

3) CBD may not help your pet

Just like with humans there is still much more research that has to be done on the benefits of giving our pets CBD. Double check claims made by retailers with your veterinarian before giving your pet CBD to see if it can be beneficial.

4) CBD will not get you arrested

In theory that is... CBD is not illegal in the UK, EU, USA or Canada. All CBD products should have a laboratory test to show any officer who raises an eyebrow. Always remember that CBD is not marijuana. 

5) CBD will not kill you

It's not possible to overdose on CBD. Having too much CBD will likely make you feel a bit sick but just like eating too much of anything will. To date (April 2022) there has been no deaths as a result of directly taking CBD.

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